SATTIS’s vision is to be the leading telephonic contact company in South Africa through honourable reputation born of service, knowledge and partnerships that exceed customer expectations, both in quality and value.


It is the mission of SATTIS to ensure superior and customised customer contact solutions is provided to our clients with top quality call centre services 24 hours-a-day or as long as they require it.




The Languages
In line with the local demand SATTIS is acquiring Interpreters for the following languages:

o        French

o        Portuguese

o        Swahili

o        Mandarin

o        Urdu (Pakistani National Language)


 It is the SATTIS understanding that these 5 languages are more frequently demanded at the police stations. SATTIS is however also able to provide access to interpreters in 165 other foreign languages.

The Interpreters

The ‘Work from Home’ concept is effectively used for projects of this nature since no technological interaction is required by the Interpreters other than their signing on/off routine. SATTIS also recruits from the pool of ex-patriots but above that SATTIS gives first choice to unemployed individuals. Preference will also be given to previously disadvantaged, as well as physical and visually disabled individuals.

The Interpreting Methodology

In the broader suite of offerings, SATTIS provides the following forms of interpreting:

o        Consecutive Interpreting (one-on-one)

o        Simultaneous Interpreting (conferences)


SATTIS offers interpreting which will be conducted via telephone, i.e., the Interpreter does not have to be present physically at the site of interpreting, but is accessible via the SATTIS Call Centre.


The Flow Process

Step 1:         The officer places a call to the SATTIS Call Centre (number) 0861SATTIS / 0861727747. The call is connected to the SATTIS Call Centre in Pretoria.


Step 2:         The caller is welcomed to the SATTIS Service and requested to key in the Site reference and language codes consecutively.


Step 3:         The call is connected to the relevant Interpreter. In the event that the caller keys an unrecognized number or delays to key in a number, the call will be routed to an operator in the Call Centre who will connect the caller to an appropriate Interpreter (step 4).


Step 4:         Upon connection and after obtaining the name and contact number of the Officer, the Interpreter positions the procedure (only for first-time callers) and then allows the Officer to proceed with questioning. This is Step 5 for the callers routed via the Call Centre Operator.


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