Customer Satisfaction

A very important resource element is Quality Management. The increasing focus on customer retention over new customer acquisition makes it imperative that the customer experience be measured and identified pro-actively which creates the need for consistent quality management and creates the platform for continuous improvement of service levels, particularly as perceived by the customer.

Quality Management is divided into three main sectors:

         Service levels, described as the measurement of the speed of answering in-bound calls, combined with the rate at which calls are abandoned. The average call distribution systems provide adequate functionality to measure these, an important element of every successful Call Centre.

         Call Assessments refers to the interaction analysis which is conducted by listening to the pre-recorded interactions between the Agents and customers. The Call Assessment criteria include things like (as far as they may apply):

 Telephone etiquette

 Customer Care

 Selliing skills

 Product Knowledge

 Typing skills

 Problem Solving (First Call Resolution)

These criteria are usually weighted in accordance with the nature of the interaction in line with a numbers of factors such as whether it is a Sales / Servicing, In-bound / Out-bound interaction.


         Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys is an important element to assist Call Centre Managers in determining priorities when determining and managing quality service levels. The best results are usually obtained where the surveying entity is perceived as independent and the surveys are conducted as early as possible after the customerís interaction with the Call Centre to guarantee accuracy and honest feedback. Again Khokela utilizes the (shared) services of VerJon Consulting Services to conduct these surveys.